Scott Tygrett


Fayetteville, WV

Trip Leader


Trip leader for 25 years, with 27 years of whitewater experience

Favorite Rapids: “On the New River at medium-to-high water, the Keeneys and Double Z. At lower water, it’s Lower Railroad because of surfing. On the upper Gauley, it’s Lost Paddle and Sweet’s Falls.”

Rafting memories: “I had 6 ladies around retirement age who told me they were call girls. It turned out that they were retired telephone operators that asked ‘Number, please’!”

“Then there was Gary Peeks, who went to sleep on the boat at Jump Rock and at Sleeper Shoals. Gary and most of the boat, who were laid out asleep as well, woke up in the river, saying ‘I’ve NEVER had an alarm clock that good.’”

Advice for first-timers: “Come with an attitude to have fun and get wet, but please listen to your guide and do as they ask. They are the ones who are out there every day, and know how to have fun so you and your family and friends a great time!”

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The staff was very welcoming and their teamwork was impeccable. I would highly recommend New & Gauley River Adventures.