Enjoy a night of camping!. Our camping facilities are complete with a newly built shower house and bath rooms with hot water and electricity. Our camp ground is located right on our base camp, and you are allowed to choose where you camp! Wonderful adventure hikes and a cliff overlooking the Gorge are just a few miles’ walk!

  • Camping $12.00 and up
  • Shelters   $55.00

Camping Options
How do you like the freedom of choosing your own campsite? We have 2 areas for camping with your choice of campsite! You have the option of camping in “the field” next to the shower house facilities or you can camp down our trail of wooded sites, just a short walk from the shower house as well.

Electricity and water is provided in the shower house.

Shower House

Our shower house and restrooms are newly built, featuring tile flooring and poplar wall siding. The shower house is located next to our great room and Undercut Pub. So whether you are coming off the river or making a midnight run, the important facilities are nearby!

We had such a great time on our trip! Everyone was friendly and helpful!