Horseback Saddle & Paddle

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Wear on Whitewater?

When rafting, it’s important to dress appropriately so you will stay comfortable and dry quickly. Wear layers to keep warm, so opt for quick-dry synthetic materials or even swimming attire. You can also layer fleece over the top of your clothes to keep you warm, and it is recommended to avoid cotton. Shoes are also essential. You want something that has a strap such as water shoes, Keens, Tevas or Chacos, or an old pair of sneakers.

What to Wear on the Horseback Ride?

When planning for horseback riding, think about safety and comfort. This means wearing long pants and closed-toe shoes. Pay attention to the weather to decide on other attire. Keep in mind that even when it’s warm in town, it will be cooler on the ride through the mountains. 

What to Bring?

When rafting, you will need a photo ID and a change of clothes. You are also invited to bring other items, such as sunglasses, sunscreen, a water bottle, a non-cotton beanie or baseball cap and a waterproof action camera. 

Keep in mind that any items you take with you while rafting or riding are at your own risk. You may want to bring a camera with a strap. Please do not wear dresses, sandals, flowing scarves or heavy cotton shorts. Also, do not bring any type of firearms, backpacks, bear spray or fanny packs with you on the trip. 

Are Small Children Allowed? 

Children 5 and older are allowed on this trip. Children younger than 5 are not able to partake on either part of the trip, and they’ll need a caregiver to watch them while the ride and rafting excursions take place. 

We had an amazing time! Thanks for making my husband’s first experience an awesome one. Everyone was so friendly and helpful at the campground and our guides were awesome!