Josh Meadows

Hometown: Summersville, WV

Adventure consultant/ Trip planner/ Retail store/ Main office

Favorite Rapid: Pillow Rock

Best River Memory: “Smacking Pillow Rock with my paddle the first time I went down the Upper Gauley.”

How did you get into the rafting biz, and how long have you been in it?: “I got into the rafting biz ‘cause I moved back to WV in 2012, and started taking up whitewater kayaking. Then in 2014, I decided I wanted to try to work at a rafting company, because I just love the people and the atmosphere so much. Luckily, New and Gauley River Adventures gave me a chance, and here I am today working for an amazing company doing what I love.”

Advice for a first-timer: “Always listen to your guide, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something.”

Joshua Blaine

Whitewater guide / Trip leader/ CDL shuttle driver

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN

39 years old

Started guiding on the Ocoee River in Tenn. in 1996
Guiding on the New and Gauley rivers since 2001
Also guided on:
Kaweah river (CA)
North fork American (CA )
Middle fork American (CA)
South fork American (CA )
Tuolumne river(CA )
Yuba river (CA)
Rio Grande river (TX)
Arkansas river (CO)
…and probably some rivers I’ve forgotten about over the last 20 years!!!!

Advice for first-timers: “Swim back to the boat!”

We had an amazing time! Thanks for making my husband’s first experience an awesome one. Everyone was so friendly and helpful at the campground and our guides were awesome!