Josh Meadows

Hometown: Summersville, WV

Adventure consultant/ Trip planner/ Retail store/ Main office

Favorite Rapid: Pillow Rock

Best River Memory: “Smacking Pillow Rock with my paddle the first time I went down the Upper Gauley.”

How did you get into the rafting biz, and how long have you been in it?: “I got into the rafting biz ‘cause I moved back to WV in 2012, and started taking up whitewater kayaking. Then in 2014, I decided I wanted to try to work at a rafting company, because I just love the people and the atmosphere so much. Luckily, New and Gauley River Adventures gave me a chance, and here I am today working for an amazing company doing what I love.”

Advice for a first-timer: “Always listen to your guide, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something.”

Joshua Blaine

Whitewater guide / Trip leader/ CDL shuttle driver

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN

39 years old

Started guiding on the Ocoee River in Tenn. in 1996
Guiding on the New and Gauley rivers since 2001
Also guided on:
Kaweah river (CA)
North fork American (CA )
Middle fork American (CA)
South fork American (CA )
Tuolumne river(CA )
Yuba river (CA)
Rio Grande river (TX)
Arkansas river (CO)
…and probably some rivers I’ve forgotten about over the last 20 years!!!!

Advice for first-timers: “Swim back to the boat!”

Best trip ever with Bryan as our guide. We will return for more adventures!! Loved the video too, great souvenir of our trip! Thanks!