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Thank you for challenging us to match your price. Please fill out the form completely before submitting it to our site. We will view your selection and price decision. We will then call you with more information if we except your offer. If we believe you have not made a reasonable offer we have the right to decline the offer but we will still call you to see if we can work out a deal so you and your family and friends can have a great vacation.

We reserve the right to reject any rate submission for any reason. You must agree to all New and Gauley River Adventures policies. Your trip is notconfirmed until you have been contacted by New and Gauley River Adventures, Inc. and full payment has been received. There are no refundsfor cancellations or no-shows. We reserve the right to withdraw acceptance of any bid whose group numbers decrease prior to receipt of full-payment by New River Adventures, Inc.

If you agree to the above terms and are ready to 'Name Your Price', then gather the following information:

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5 Stars
Our group had an amazing time rafting down the New River with Justin as our guide! He knew the history of the area and was an all around awesome guy! Can't wait to go back in October for the Gauley!

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