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4 Season's Adventures

Year-Round Fun
New & Gauley River Adventures is a West Virginia four-season outdoor adventure center. Year-round, we can design a trip to take you to the most special, seldom-visited or simply spectacular spots in our outdoor wonderland.

Special Whitewater Rafting Trips
Picture yourself rocketing through narrow chutes, plunging into massive holes and catching air at the edge of unexpected waterfalls. We'll take you off the beaten path to streams rafted by no one else.

In the late winter and early spring, we run many rivers that are available only in those months. The Cranberry River, Cherry River, Upper Meadow River, and Middle Meadow River are just a few of these "limited-time-only" adventures in West Virginia. Many smaller streams also feature spectacular water - if you know when to be there. And that's where our unmatched knowledge of the area comes in: If there's wild water out there, we know where it is!

Winter Mountain Adventures in West Virginia
The gentle crunch of freshly fallen snow under your snowshoes, a full moon and a fifty-mile view from a 4,000-foot peak - that's the setting for just one of the many special winter trips New & Gauley Rivers can design for you. If cross-country is your game, strap on your skis and head down Cold Knob - one of West Virginia's 10 highest peaks -- for seven miles of uninterrupted, free-form freedom. Or just pull the family or friends together for a moonlit evening of sledding and/or snowshoeing combined with a winter campfire, a steaming hot chocolate, and a relaxing hot tub.

Our experienced winter guides can take you to the best spots for outdoor adventure anywhere in the Appalachians. We'll design the adventure that's right for you, from extreme to extremely relaxing. We take care of all the details, so you can concentrate on the fun!

Photo and Hiking Safaris

Any time of the year, New & Gauley River Adventures can put you in position for that "shot of a lifetime." Whether your interest is scenery, wildlife or just simply folks having fun, we know when and where to be there. A single day's trip can take you through three or more dramatically different climate zones, each with its own distinctive flora and fauna. West Virginia's high peaks are an ecological "island" unto themselves, with plants, trees, wildlife and scenery found nowhere else in the continental United States - more characteristic of the Canadian North Woods than the southern mountains. This is the land of the snowshoe hare and the black bear, roaming free in vast stretches of high wilderness country. The nearby Cranberry Glades National Recreation Area offers backcountry hiking through a unique ecosystem mirroring the primeval forests that once covered the entire continent. Experience it all, up close and personal, on a photo or hiking safari with New & Gauley River Adventures!

As with all service industries, gratuities are not required, but are certainly appreciated by our guides as well as our catering staff.

Price List & Reservation Guide
2004 will make our 29th year old Quality Outfitting on West Virginia's Premier Whitewater, The New & Gauley Rivers

Our Base camp located only ½ mile form the New River Gorge Bridge, Gateway to the 60,000 acre recreational area, offers our guests the most convenient location of any rafting facility on the industry.

Season's of Adventure

  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Family Adventure
  • 2-3 Multi-Day Adventures
  • Cabin Rentals & Camping
  • Winter Rafting
  • Snowshoe Rentals & Tours
  • Four Wheeling Excursions
  • Horseback Riding, Biking, Climbing, Caving and Much More!
Full Service Base Camp with First Class Amenities
As always our number one concern has been to provide quality outdoor experiences for all age groups. Please feel free to contact our Reservation Consultants to answer any question you may have, or to assist you in selecting the river experience that is ideal for you or your group. Remember on call can take care of rafting, lodging, meals and any area activities.

Look forward to seeing you on the river!
Skip Heater
President, New & Gauley River Adventures


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